About Us

We are a global boutique agency specialising in creating and rolling out learning solutions. Our co-creation methodology allows us to customise solutions that truly fit the needs of the clients. This flexibility enables us to strike a balance between intimacy and scalability, combining high-touch approaches with digital technologies. With expertise in luxury retail, education, and virtual learning, we deliver business outcomes aligned with each client's unique needs.

Our dedicated and agile team of consultants operates from offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. We understand the diverse business landscapes of China, Japan, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and beyond, enabling us to navigate complex challenges and consistently deliver high-quality results. Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, as we foster ideal partnerships with our clients, tailoring solutions to their specific requirements and leading the way in digital learning transformation."

We Co-Create



Working closely with our clients, we delve into their needs, implement a comprehensive fact-finding process, and co-create tailored solutions, fostering ideal partnerships.

We Tailor-Make



Every business has its own strengths and needs, which is why our training programmes and solutions are customised and built from the ground up with your company's unique identity in mind.

We Transform Digitally



The lessons may remain the same, but the tools have evolved. To facilitate programmes and expand their reach, you can rely on us to develop digital education platforms capable of hosting the complete syllabus.

Our team at TAO spans across Asia and Europe, supported by a global network of Associates who share our values. With a deep understanding of diverse business landscapes and collective expertise, we collaborate to create impactful solutions that best serve the needs of the client.